Giro d'Italia Under 23 - edition 2018

We need an event like the Under-23 Giro. We need to train all-round riders and think less about the result, about victory as an end in itself. Here, sprinters only ride on flat terrain and climbers only ride uphill: it's not right. As an under-23 rider, Quintana has participated in two time trial world championships: looking to his professional career, they took care of all aspects of his training.
Davide Cassani
National Manager
"I won the Giro d'Italia. Isn't that crazy! The final was very hard, but the team did a fantastic job and I made it. My team is simply fantastic, they were perfect throughout the week. It's not just my victory, it's theirs too. I dedicate it to the whole team"
Pavel Sivakov
Under-23 Giro d'Italia Winner - 2017 edition